Surface protection & energy efficient coatings

We undertake various coating jobs for the restoration and protection of metallic surfaces subjected to erosion, corrosion and chemical attack with state-of-the-art material manufactured by internationally renowned organisation .

We offer a slick erosion-corrosion-cavitation resistant & flow efficient ceramic composite polymer coating which has been proven to protect pumps from damage, reduce expenditure & save replacement costs.. The product chemistry incorporates an advanced proprietary blend of ceramic additives modified in a novalac epoxy resin system. This technology significantly reduces the surface friction that causes “boundary drag". The improved surface smoothness is very effective where applications require maximum fluid flow efficiency whilst protecting against abrasion, turbulence, corrosion/erosion . This100% solids, zero VOC technology enables fast return to service and provides exceptionally high edge retentive properties.

Other than ceramic coatings we are also successfully executing novel anticorrosive coating jobs in the customer premises e.g. crude oil & produced water storage tanks, chemical storage tanks, non-slip walkway surfaces, river pontoons and so on. Our products and services come with the highest quality tags & have proven immensely beneficial to our esteemed clients.

Service We operate - Delhi, Jharkhand , Kolkata, Orrisa , West Bengal  and entire India